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Derived from a Spanish term which loosely translated means "cowboy," gaucho style trousers are calf-length, wide legged pants generally made of suede or leather, which were worn by women for riding. (~Aimee)

The album Gaucho by Steely Dan.
A Bit of Gaucho Music Trivia: Gaucho is the title of the last album by the extremely popular rock-jazz group, Steely Dan. It was released in 1980, featuring a song of the same name. The title refers to an individual dressed in ornate Spanish cowboy gear. I first heard Gaucho in the control room of a New York City recording studio. The instrumental arrangements and superb engineering made for one of the most profound listening experiences of my life. At the end of the song, I had tears in my eyes. (~Aimee)

Getting Hitched
An Old West term, meaning “getting married.” It was derived from the practice of horses being hitched to a wagon. Used as slang even today, it leads one to believe that somehow marriage is a burden or sharp restriction of an individual’s freedom. I’ll leave this for the reader to decide. (~Jean)
Ghost Ranch is located in some of the most beautiful country New Mexico has to offer.
Ghost Ranch
Located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, Ghost Ranch was the home of artist Georgia O'Keeffe from 1949 until her death in 1986. Located in an area known for its breathtaking red rock formations, it is now a retreat and popular tourist attraction in Northern New Mexico, an easy day trip from either Taos or Santa Fe. (~Aimee)

Governor Bent House and Museum
Located one short block north of Taos Plaza on the street named in his honor, the former residence of Charles Bent, New Mexico Territory's first American governor, offers an interesting peek into the region's at-times brutal history. Charles Bent was a highly respected figure of the Old West. He owned trading posts in Taos and Santa Fe and had dealings with the early mountain men of the region. He was appointed Governor of New Mexico in 1846, when it became American territory during the Mexican War. In January of 1847, he was killed by an angry mob that was protesting the American rule. The Governor Bent house was the scene of his death. His wife and children escaped by digging through an adobe wall into the house next door. The hole is still visible. Today, a museum displaying period art and frontier artifacts is housed in the old adobe home in downtown Taos. (~Jean)

A perennial favorite of Mexican appetizers, guacamole is made from mashed avocado, lemon, garlic and other ingredients (usually chopped onion and diced tomato), and served with warmed corn tortilla chips for dipping. (~Aimee)

Pictured: The scenery is breathtaking in the Ghost Ranch area of Northern New Mexico

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